GDPR quiz: How will privacy law affect you?

Take our GDPR quiz and find out how the EU's new data privacy law will affect you

Do you know the name for the @ sign?

Did you know the @ sign dates back more than 600 years?

3 ways Singapore is tackling short-sightedness in children

Singapore is using smart watches to tackle short-sightedness in children

What is GDPR?

A new data protection law kicks in on 25 May #GDPR

LG G7 ThinQ smartphone

Brighter, louder.... better?

Facebook Dating

It looks like Facebook's relationship with Tinder is in trouble...

Snapchat Spectacles

They take better quality video and are now water resistant - but will Snapchat's new Spectacles be any less of a flop than the first edition?

The shark spotting drones

It's a case of drones v sharks on the Australian coast...

BBC Technology News

This is fun.

Bitcoin peaks become race tracks

This game lets you ride a crypto-currency wave - but beware the crashes!

Twitter is broken. If only there was another place to post social updates...

A BMW... with no-one behind the wheel

Would you be able to relax in the back seat of a self-driving car?

What men say to women gamers

Girl gamers say they get told to go "back in the kitchen" among other abuse all the time.

Hellblade: The game that won an award for coverage of mental health issues

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice just won five Bafta Games awards! Here's our round-up of the big winners.

Bafta video games awards preview

We'll have live coverage of the video games Baftas on the BBC website's Tech page later...

Huawei's triple threat

Huawei's latest phone can "see in the dark" thanks to an unique handheld long-exposure feature...

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How VR could save your life

This technology company is helping to train doctors. 🎮🏥

Rollerskating robot

This looks wheelie good.

Burger-flipping robot

Something to chew over...

Haier Asu smartwatch

Are wrist-worn projectors going to become a thing?

Moon to get 4G mobile network

Vodafone and Nokia plan to launch a 4G (LTE) mobile network on the Moon 🌚

Handbag drones light up Milan catwalk

Well that's one way to carry your handbag!

Nokia phones

Nokia has another retro handset.
But will the Matrix phone make the same splash last year's 3310 revival did?

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung's Galaxy S9 has some fancy new features, but does it also signal that smartphone innovation is slowing down?

Dog robot beats meddling human

This door-opening dog robot can overcome human interference.

How AI has helped one woman grieve

This woman built a chatbot to enable her to talk to a virtual version of her dead friend.

Listen to the full story here:

Instagram-able art gallery

This art gallery is designed for the selfie generation.

The technology of Star Wars

Star Wars-like "holograms" could become a reality sooner than you think...

Bitcoin explained: How do cryptocurrencies work?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bitcoin but were too afraid to ask.

(via BBC Panorama and BBC Click)

Sega Mega Drive game made the '90s way

A new game for the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) has been made the '90s way - 20 years after the console was discontinued. 🎮

Obsessed with your phone battery?

What would you chat about with less than 5% battery life?


YouTube has apologised to children who saw inappropriate material on its site

Life after death?

Can you come back to life after a (very) deep freeze?

Toy rollercoaster you can ride

You can ride this toy rollercoaster, thanks to virtual reality

BBC Tomorrow's World - The Future of Artificial Intelligence from the Science Museum

Google's Eric Schmidt is being quizzed about the future of AI by the physicist Professor Brian Cox. Watch their conversation from London's Science Museum.

BBC Tomorrow's World - The Future of Artificial Intelligence from the Science Museum

Artificial Intelligence is having a remarkable impact on science, technology and people’s lives. Watch BBC Tomorrow's World from Science Museum as Professor Brian Cox will be asking Eric Schmidt: what lies ahead for AI?

Kino-mo floating adverts

Eye candy or visual clutter?

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The time machine camera

Start-ups have repeatedly tried and failed to convince us to wear cameras - but could a "time travel" feature finally help them catch on?


What image would you want to flash other motorists?
(Keep it clean!)

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Merge Blaster

Will this blaster become a must-have accessory for mobile gamers?

(This features some flashing images)

Panasonic concept car

Panasonic shows off a concept car with windows that can swap out the real view for one you prefer.

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Panasonic concept car

Panasonic shows off a concept car with windows that can swap out the real view for one you prefer.

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Ping Pong-playing robot

CES 2018: Ping pong-playing robot that uses artificial intelligence to adapt its gameplay to each human opponent.

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Sticky note printer

Is the sticky note printer an invention only a mother could love?

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Dancing drones in Las Vegas

Are drones the fireworks of the future?

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CES suffers power cut

For about two hours on Wednesday, large parts of the CES show were without electricity. Not a good look for an electronics showcase. Read the full story about what happened:

Vincent AI makes "fine art"

It seems anyone can make "fine art" with the help of AI...

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Hands-on with HTC’s untethered VR

First look at HTC's upgraded VR headset

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Short story dispenser

Once upon a time an entrepreneur had an idea about a new way to entertain people with stories...

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